5 Hints She’s Just Not Into You: A Dating List

woman bad disinterest


Sometimes you like a girl, but she’s giving you mixed signals. It’s hard to tell whether she’s into you. Here’s a list of 5 ways to tell for sure.


Flakes On Plans

If you find that she’s constantly changing plans at the last minute, it can show that she’s not all that serious about fulfilling them. She may think she wants to spend time with you initially, but changes her mind the closer it gets.

It helps that she agrees in the first place, but try to pay more attention to her actions than her words.


Continual Friend Zone

Does she remind you that you’re her friend, either by saying so or by her actions? She’s putting you in a category, whether she means to or not. A woman often keeps men in different categories in her mind, like when she says she’s never “thought of you in that way.”


Avoids Physical Contact

If she moved when you playfully touched her, then yeah, she may not be into you. Accepted physical contact is one of the best ways to show interest.


One-Word Replies

Is she a grunter when it comes to texts or general communication? Maybe she isn’t interested in talking with you. You deserve someone who truly wants to hear from you as well as shares her thoughts.


She Won’t Introduce You to Her Friends 

Aside from the obvious “meet the parents,” there are opportunities to meet her friends and social circle. Introducing a date to your social circle is a great way to see how well they mesh with your world. If she isn’t even attempting that, then odds are, she isn’t that into you.







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