New Release! Class is in Session: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Class is in Session - Large Cover



Announcing my newest romance book: Class is in Session: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance.


Check out the summary:

He only has eyes for her, but will he cross that line in order to claim her?

At nineteen years old, Kara wants one thing, and that’s graduating college in three years. It doesn’t even have to be with flying colors, but it does have to be with a diploma in hand. There’s only one thing standing in her way of that: Professor Howard. She’s failed the last history class with a different professor, and she needs this time to be different. Her future career is on the line.

Jack Howard is a statue of a man, all hard edges and firm tones, and he knows how to keep his classroom under control, yet under all those layers is a man who knows what he wants. The day Kara walks into his classroom, he knows she’ll be trouble. Not to say he expected her to act out, but he knew she’ll be all he thinks about. Keeping the material of his history class straight might be a challenge that semester. This is the last thing he needs…and yet, exactly what he’s been waiting for.

Kara takes a deep breath and turns in her history test. She knows she isn’t supposed to think this way, but Professor Howard has been treating her differently than the rest of the students. Does that mean he might go easy on her test? She scolds herself for even going there, but she can’t seem to get those smoldering brown eyes out of her mind. They even make her forget about her test, at least for a few minutes.

But when Professor Howard finds out who her mother is, that adds yet another wrinkle in their already complicated situation.

If you enjoy steamy romance stories with alpha men, guilty pleasures, happily ever afters, no cliffhangers, and no cheating, then you’ll love Class is in Session. Get your fix with a story that hits the spot and doesn’t take all year to read.


You can find it here (free if you have Kindle Unlimited):

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Here’s a sample portion of the story:


Class is in Session 


I was late. Every single day, I arrived late for my college classes, but this time was worse. Far worse. It was like my body desperately tried to make me look like a fool in front of Professor Howard and the rest of the class. To make matters worse, I knew exactly what would happen. I’d stand there with my backpack in hand while everyone stared at me. I thought I’d left behind my geeky school days by starting college, but apparently not.

The worst part of all was the way Professor Howard looked at me. It wasn’t a look of disdain or anything like that. It was more like disapproval, like he had high hopes for me and every day I walked through those doors, I let him down. I couldn’t decide which bothered me more, feeling like I let him down or caring so much that I did.

I shoved open the double set of doors that led me into the hall just before the classroom. I was almost there. I’d forgotten to put on my watch that morning in my rush, and I didn’t dare take the time to pull out my phone. I didn’t need to check to know this instance would probably take the cake.

Someone waved to me as I flew past—I honestly had no idea who it was, other than the vague guess that it was someone from my biology class. I hadn’t even gotten ready and brushed my hair properly that morning, so I certainly wasn’t going to stop. Christ, I really need to get this under control. A second alarm or something.

And just like that, everyone stared at me. Just like I knew they would. Every pair of eyes in the lecture hall swung in my direction. I had only made it three steps inside the doors. One student even picked up his laptop and turned all the way around in his chair just to join the chorus of unblinking eyes. It wasn’t the first time I’d been late in my nineteen years of existence. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Nice of you to join us,” Professor Howard said. He’d been looking down at his textbook on his desk, but when his face upturned and he looked up, it added far more weight than everyone else combined, even though they outnumbered him a hundred to one.

His warm, brown eyes held so much of the light in the room. I usually tried to catch a seat in the front to be able to see them properly whenever I took his class. Unfortunately, being late slimmed the choices down, but every once in a while, I got lucky.

“Please find a seat,” he said, and I nodded. The way his voice took on a commanding tone sent a shiver down my spine. It was nothing like the way guys my age talked, usually staring at their shoes and grunting at me. Professor Howard was nothing like those college-aged guys. He was a man in his early forties, one who had traveled the world and brought back all that worldly experience to our hometown university. The sights he must have seen…

“Ms. Smith?” Professor Howard said.

I shook my head, snapping myself from my thoughts. “Yes?”

“Is everything all right?” he asked.

I realized I still stood there like an idiot. I hoped I wasn’t blushing too much as I made my way to a seat in the back. I ached to find a spot closer to him, but I didn’t want to press my luck. I already had attracted enough attention for one class.

“Turn to page fifty-four in your textbook,” he said. “The War of 1812 started in June and ended February 1815, reverting back to the prewar boundary between Canada and the United States.”

I wasn’t the biggest history buff, but seriously, I could listen to him talk about history for hours on end, as long as he looked at me with those penetrating eyes. He’d recently gotten a haircut, bringing his dark hair further toward close-cropped.

Sometimes, I wondered what it’d feel like with my fingers running through it. And every time, I mentally slapped myself for thinking it. He was twice my age. I shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like that. Besides, he was my professor. It wasn’t proper.

“Who can tell me the president of the United States during the War of 1812? Anyone?”

Before I knew it, my hand shot up. He turned in my direction, and it was like the warmth of the sun shone on me, despite being indoors. He pointed in my direction.

“James Madison,” I said. The voice barely sounded like mine.

He smiled. “Very good. I’m impressed. Someone must have been studying.”

I tried my hardest not to let it show how pleased his praise made me, but I couldn’t help it. I smiled and squirmed in my seat like I would for a long-time crush. I was being ridiculous. There was no way he even noticed me. I was just his student. And yet, his gaze seemed to linger whenever he looked out at the sea of faces in my direction. There was no mistaking when we made eye contact. It was brief—ever so brief. But it happened.

(end of sample)


Read the conclusion here (free if you have Kindle Unlimited):

Amazon USA | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia | Amazon Germany | Amazon France

Amazon Italy | Amazon India | Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Japan | Amazon Spain | Amazon Brazil | Amazon Mexico

  (and all other Amazon websites)




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