Date Ideas to Feed Your Relationship

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I thought it’d be fun to come up with a comprehensive list of date ideas, ranging anywhere from memorable to elaborate to inexpensive. Enjoy!


  1. Bake a cake together
  2. Have a picnic at a park
  3. Check out your local museum and count how many paintings or artifacts start with the first letter of your first name
  4. Try your luck at a carnival game
  5. Show off your karaoke skills
  6. Bring hot chocolate in a thermos and take it to a snow-laden lakeside view
  7. Go for a hike at a nearby mountain range
  8. Check out a matinee movie. Sometimes it’s fun to avoid the night crowd.
  9. Take a pottery or painting class together. Bonus points if you create a romantic image.
  10. Go either roller or ice staking, depending on the season. Try to fall into each other’s arms.
  11. Follow a recipe and have dinner in tonight, but make sure you both participate in the cooking
  12. Hit up an arcade, but go for the games you can play together
  13. Visit the gym together and give each other motivation
  14. Binge watch a movie franchise with that special someone. If you like, make it a drinking game if a character says a particular word or phrase.
  15. Visit a spa (definitely include a massage)
  16. Go on a long walk through your neighborhood
  17. Try out a wine tasting and discover your new favorite
  18. Give a renaissance fair a try (turkey legs are a plus)
  19. Do some dreaming by visiting open houses just above your normal price range
  20. Watch the sunset in a spot you’ve never been to in your hometown
  21. Brave a haunted house and see who flinches first
  22. Go bowling (and plate bets on who can get the highest score)
  23. Spend the day going to a farmer’s market. Bonus points if you buy ingredients for dinner that night.
  24. Get a psychic reading, even if you don’t believe in it. It can still hold entertainment value. Maybe ask the psychic if you both should go on a second date.
  25. Wander around a hardware store and make as many dirty puns as you can (nails and screws are a good start)
  26. Hop on a road trip. If you’re feeling adventurous, pick a place blindly on a map of your area.
  27. Enjoy a weekend camping trip
  28. Cheer on your favorite sports team together at a game
  29. Go to a play or theater show
  30. Take a trapeze class together. More cities have it than you might think.
  31. Take on an escape room
  32. Attend a wedding. Either one of you can be the “plus one.”
  33. Have some friends over and play board games. Make it a group date.
  34. Visit an art exhibit
  35. Go on a biking date
  36. Fly kites. Sometimes it’s fun to do something old fashioned.
  37. Take a mixology class together and loosen up a little
  38. Speaking of classes, try taking a yoga, cardio, or kickboxing class together and work up a sweat.
  39. Test drive an expensive car. It could be fun to pretend you two are already an established couple with endless finances.
  40. Ever heard of a trampoline park? You have now. Give it a try.
  41. Take a paddleboat out on the lake and don’t come back for a while.
  42. Hit up garage sales. You can learn a lot about someone by what they buy.
  43. If you’re feeling saucy, play strip poker
  44. Trivia night–you might even win a prize
  45. Visit an animal shelter and spend your time petting the animals
  46. Go to a jazz club
  47. Volunteer in your community together
  48. Create a scavenger hunt for each other
  49. Make a time capsule
  50. Learn about your family trees together
  51. Take swing classes
  52. Take music lessons together
  53. Complete a puzzle (if you have the patience)
  54. Take online relationship tests. You two might learn something new about each other.
  55. When in season, go ice skating
  56. If you’re of that persuasion, meditate or pray together
  57. Try to break a record. Check out a record book and try to break one! Even if you can’t, it’s fun to try.
  58. Play billiards and go bar hopping
  59. Train for a marathon together
  60. Head to a driving range
  61. Give each other haircuts (if you dare)
  62. Watch the worst movies you can think of and make fun of all of them
  63. Go bird watching
  64. Take a brewery tour
  65. Take a DJ class
  66. Spend the night by the fireplace
  67. Go mushroom hunting (just don’t eat any that you can’t identify)
  68. Try lingerie shopping
  69. Create a fancy, international cheese lineup
  70. Go skydiving
  71. Watch an opera
  72. Stargaze together
  73. Write a love song to each other
  74. Learn a new language (or try to)
  75. Plan your dream vacation (even if you can’t afford it right now)
  76. Attend a film festival
  77. People watch and give commentary while you do it
  78. Go thrifting. See how much you each can buy with $20.
  79. Spend your day horseback writing
  80. Interview each other
  81. Eat breakfast for dinner
  82. Visit the place where your relationship began
  83. Look up some nerdy science experiments and try one
  84. Buy the seeds of a unique flower and plant them all over town. Visit them again later to see which have sprouted.
  85. Play bingo at a bingo house
  86. Visit a local fundraising event
  87. Take a dance lesson
  88. Plot out all the photo booths in your area and take pictures in each of them
  89. Go ziplining
  90. Perform a charity cookoff where the two of you cook dinner for friends and family. They pay for the meal and all proceeds go to charity.
  91. Fill out coloring books together
  92. Check out a local band
  93. Go to a rodeo if you have any in your area
  94. Visit a car show
  95. Write a short story together
  96. Visit all the zoos within a few hours of your home town/city
  97. Play putt-putt
  98. Go paintballing
  99. Take an afternoon and go rockclimbing
  100. Find a beach and spend the day making sandcastles
  101. Go on a fruit picking date
  102. Build a campfire and make smores. Yum!
  103. Try go kart racing
  104. Play laser tag together


Stay tuned for more!

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